What Is Inbound PR? [Infographic]

I came across this terrific tool — Piktochart — on Econsultancy yesterday (thanks @lakey!), and with no prior design chops, I was able to whip up this cool visual representation, or infographic, of my philosophy on Inbound PR.

As Geoff Livingston put it, it’s time for “One Word: Convergence” or Your Marketing Will Die.

PR has always lived and died by the fact that “earned media” will drive leads. What’s NEW here is that the web, and more specifically search, has transformed PR. “Owned media” and “social media” are natural extensions of “earned media” because now brands have this great opportunity to be their own media engines. And because people now search for products and services themselves on the web first (rather than being sold to), PR has the responsibility to not only continue to curate earned media but to also create owned media and share via social media. Search is driving convergence.

Enjoy the infographic!

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